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Why Gild Does Sorority Workshops

Joining a sorority means a lot of things -- socials, sisterhood, philanthropic work, etc. -- but at its core, being a part of Greek Life means surrounding yourself with women you are proud to call friends. Throughout your college experience, you get to walk alongside these women as you figure out which classes to take, what to do with your Friday night, and what you want to pursue post graduation. When Gild decided to expand their workshops on campus, our goal was to help sororities foster these relationships and tighten the bond between members, all while empowering each individual woman. 

The reason we incorporate a creative project into each workshop is because when you create together, you grow together. We’ve watched young women sit around a table and unpack the unique challenges of being a female in college. Together, we discuss strategies to overcome these obstacles, and how they can be applied in the future. Whether done as a separate event or built into a sisterhood retreat, we love watching young women take pride in their strengths and empowering their sisters to do the same. 

“Working with Rachel and Kelsey of Gild Collective was an amazing experience. I was looking to plan a sisterhood retreat for my sorority and having it centered around confidence and forming strong relationships.”  - Allison, Sisterhood Chair, Chi Omega, University of Dayton


College is also a time of personal growth, so we wanted to offer campus organizations a fun, effective way to help young females gain confidence and professional skills as they prepare to enter the workforce. This is why we address topics such as, “Communicating Effectively,” “Uncovering Unconscious Bias,” and “Addressing & Elevating Gender Issues.” We want to encourage young females to discover their voice and empower them to use it. We want to teach them how to combat any gender bias they may experience in their job and internship search. We also want to help them understand how these biases are formed and provide tips on interrupting them. This experience not only prepares them for the future, but allows them to address any issues they might face on their college campus as well. 

“We discussed things that affect all women and also were able to personalize the experience by thinking about our own strengths and bringing that to our necklaces.” - Participant, Gamma Phi Beta

Our mission is to help women unlock confidence and connect creatively, and we love working with the next generation of females who will soon be entering the workforce. If you’re interested in learning more or planning a sisterhood event with Gild Collective, please feel free to reach out.