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Making Measurable Change: Strategy & Training for Women's Initiatives


We have been consulting on organizational strategy and conducting trainings for leadership within organizations for a while now, so we figured it was time to make it official with the launch of some new pages on our site! You can explore the links above for deeper descriptions, but for those of you that enjoy your information delivered in succinct packages, keep reading for the highlights. 

Gild Collective Strategy Workplace Consulting


The term "strategic workplace consulting" can hold infinite (and often complicated) meanings when applied to different industries and sectors. Luckily for our clients, we keep it simple by relying on data to drive key insights on how to make an organization's women's initiative as effective as possible to achieve specific goals: recruiting the best and brightest, retaining your strongest employees, and seeing tangible, measurable growth in diversity and inclusion.

What Do We Do?

  • Create opportunities for substantial organizational change
  • Provide a deeper understanding of employee perceptions and needs
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to devise a strategy with a clearly defined mission and goals, able to guide your initiative for years to come
  • Build systems for measuring key internal metrics, such as employee advancement, retention and engagement
  • Provide ongoing support to drive change and achieve organizational goals going forward

When Do You Need It?

Whether your women's initiative is 20 years in the making or still an idea on a napkin, there is room to improve. We can help shape your women's initiative from the ground up, or we can reshape practices that have lost touch with today's female workforce. 

Gild Collective Stakeholder Training


We have worked with thousands of women across diverse industries, and through all of the relationships we have built we have come away with one key learning: The single-most important factor impacting the success of a women's initiative is internal, top-down organizational support. Simply put, leaders within organizations (both male and female) need to genuinely support their female employees' participation in women's initiatives and other forms of purposeful professional development. In order to support these efforts from a genuine place, they must truly understand the why. 

That's where we come in!

What Do We Do?

As a third party, we provide training to organizational leaders and key stakeholders that can focus on: 

  • CHAMPIONING WOMEN: In this introductory training, we’ll develop key strategies specific to your organization that offer guidelines for being an ally to female employees. The basic strategies provided in this session can be carried on to build networks of support for other marginalized groups.
  • UNCOVERING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: In this session, we’ll provide participants with the opportunity to discover, explore and understand their unconscious biases—where did they come from, and how can we accept their presence without letting them drive our key decisions? How have these biases impacted our decisions and actions thus far, and how can we interrupt them going forward?
  • ADDRESSING & ELEVATING GENDER ISSUES: Together with participants, we will dig deep in this training to define and outline key gender issues within your organization, as well as their root causes. We’ll create a strategy for building solutions that are measurable, long-term and inclusive for all employees. 

When Do You Need It?

If you think that your organization can benefit from this type of training, chances are you are right. That's because everyone can benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the why behind inclusion efforts of any kind. And when leadership benefits, we all benefit. 


If you think that your organization can benefit from strategic support or stakeholder training, feel free to reach out. We are here and excited to help!