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Gild Collective is a forum for women to gather with purpose: empowering women through inclusion and leadership

Over the years, we noticed something when we gathered women together:

We exchange ideas, celebrate ah-ha moments, and experience growth. First, we learned about the depth and complexity of women’s leadership struggles through creative experiences. Today, we work intimately with businesses across the country to review, strategize, and develop all of the amazing ways that organizations can embrace and empower their female employees—and the even greater things that happen when they do.  

In 2015, we founded Gild Collective out of necessity. Our time gilding with other women proved fundamental to who we were; surely it would be formative for others, too.

Turns out, we were right. From our foundational roots in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gild has brought leadership support, community inclusion, and a drive for progress to nearly 8,000 participants through women’s leadership workshops and gender inclusion trainings across the United States. We laugh together, we grow stronger together, and we address issues both universal and acutely intimate. Most importantly: from office to office, group to group, campus to campus, we gild together.