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International Women’s Day: Who Should Celebrate?

In our last couple posts, we’ve covered the basics: why do we celebrate International Women’s Day and how do we celebrate? But now we come to the question:

Who should celebrate International Women’s Day?



Of course, that is the most simplified way to say it—you should celebrate, and you should celebrate, and YOU should celebrate! Everyone should.

International Women’s Day is not just a day for women, nor should it be. We need all genders rallying together to support one another, and for that enthusiasm to continue well beyond one day in March. This is the only way that we will drive true change and Press for Progress as this year’s IWD theme demands.

If you’re already sold on the celebration and acknowledgement of International Women’s Day, you are not alone. In fact, if 2017 trends continue, we’ll have more people discussing IWD on social media than Sunday’s Super Bowl. For you, we have a challenge. Find the person in your life who gets nervous at the mention of international-women’s-anything, or the mention of the feared f-word—feminism—and ask them:

Do you believe that men and women should be equal?
Do you want to amplify the call for that equality?
Do you want to celebrate incredible women everywhere?

If you get a yes, you have one more person to celebrate with on March 8th. Happy recruiting!