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Case Study: University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine

At a recent Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association event, we made a connection to a leader within the Emergency Medicine Department at the University of Cincinnati. The department recently advanced its Women’s Initiative with the goal of bringing women together to support each other—acting as a team with a supported vision. Beyond programming specific to the female faculty and residents, they had a desire to have impactful and transparent discussions across the department to create an inclusive environment where all employees can advance. In the past, the group has tackled critical conversations such as generational differences in its twice annual offsite programs.

We were invited to deliver an initial foundational overview of unconscious bias and bias interrupters that can be used within the department to continue driving gender equity and representation forward. With this understanding, we will return in July to do a follow up applied learning session. Not only can we see how interrupters have impacted the department over the past 7 months, but we can also implement new tools for greater impact.