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Case Study: Rackspace POWER Workshop: Career Planning


Gild Collective traveled to San Antonio, Texas to deliver a Career Planning workshop for POWER—the Professional Organization of Women Empowered at Rackspace. POWER was bringing a subset of its 700 members together for the organization’s Annual Luncheon and invited Gild Collective to share our personal strategy map planning with their audience. With just under 100 participants in-person and another 20 joining virtually, everyone walked away with a clear understanding of core values, a leadership purpose statement, objectives and strategies.

Every employee at Rackspace takes the StrengthsFinders assessment upon joining the company, and infuse their strengths into daily collaboration by displaying them on name badges. To emphasize this further in our workshop, each participant considered how their strengths form their competitive advantage to achieve their goals, but also how they can advocate for others and provide support through their strength areas.

We loved working with this passionate group and hearing everyone’s leadership purpose statements shared over the internal POWER Slack channel! Thanks, Rackers!