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Using creativity for good


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Using creative power is fun, right? We all like to think outside of the box and get a little crafty now and then. But there has to be more to it – what is the utility? What positives can come from straying from the beaten path of steadfast commercialization and instead diving into creative thought?

We have uncovered several groundbreaking companies who have done just that. From across the country to local Joe’s in our charismatic hometown of Cincinnati. These are some organizations who bridge away from the self-interest of maximum capitalization and become rich in other ways. This is done by using creativity for good: to inspire, to give-back and help the world around them.

In the big-booming business world, it’s about the mission, the money and the consumer – but what happens when merging success of these three is instilled through a creative experience? Let’s take a look.




Empowering Creatives. Transforming Our City.

ArtWorks is a Cincinnati-local non-profit who cares about sustaining the rapidly developing city and it’s people. ArtWorks employs young local artists to restore the city landscape and provides guidance on creative entrepreneurship to artists, as young as 14-21 years old. The passion within ArtWorks engages care within the community by getting people involved and excited to give back through Public Art, Creative Enterprise and ArtRx.

Learn more about each of their three tiers by visiting the links above or ArtWorks homepage.


Happen Inc.

Make It Happen

Happen Inc. is a creative non-profit of Cincinnati who brings creativity to parent-child bonding by actually creating. Happen has a toy lab where you and your loved one can sign-up and make your very own masterpiece. If a group is more of your nature, you can even book a party. Happen is known for providing a positive environment for relationship and community building through creative activities.  

From tutoring to gardening to ceramics, Happen has an activity suitable for all: check out their projects here and calendar of events here.

Photo from WCPO.

Photo from WCPO.


Creating community through the arts.

ArtsWave is the local arts agency of the Greater Cincinnati region and the nation’s largest community campaign for the arts. ArtsWave fundraises with the help of tens of thousands of donors local and non-local. The Wave’s vision is to help build a vibrant local economy, bridge cultural divides, enliven neighborhoods and ignite learning through art-focused events. These events range from music, dance, theatre, museums, festivals and more!

What sort of events, you ask? To name a few…

Arts in the Park, Macy’s Arts Sampler, and CincySings.

Click here to see a full list and calendar of events.

If you didn’t think Cincinnati cares about art, you better check out this utterly impressive list of regional sponsors and community impact that ArtsWave has created.


At Gild, we are excited to provide creative experiences that are a part of a much bigger picture.