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Case Study: Mid Ohio Foodbank


We were thrilled when Mid-Ohio Foodbank, whose mission is to end hunger one nourishing meal at a time while co-creating communities where everyone thrives, reached out to us for an Uncovering Unconscious Bias training. We love to work with organizations whose mission is as inspiring as their people, and Mid-Ohio Foodbank did not disappoint.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank serves their community in numerous and diverse ways, which in turn has lead them to serving a very diverse range of employees. It is always great news when a foodbank’s outreach is growing, but it also creates a growing need for employees to understand and respect one another’s differences in opinions and world views.

In our Uncovering Unconscious Bias workshop with Mid-Ohio Foodbank, we explored our own personal biases and reflected on how they may have form. From there, we walked through the impact that each of these biases can have on our daily lives internally and externally. Participants came together to work with employees outside of their direct teams to define bias-related problems, as well as the root causes and symptoms that stem from those problems. Together, they designed action-oriented solutions to take back to their daily practices and direct teams.

We look forward to our continued partnership with this amazing organization.