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Case Study: Thompson Hine


In January we partnered with Thompson Hine to present a workshop to partners and associates, male and female, about the importance of growing advocacy culture within the organization. 

We began by breaking down the unique challenges and inequities facing women and people of color in the workforce overall, but in the legal field more specifically. From there, we examined the differences in equality and equity, and the importance of providing equitable resources to diverse populations within the firm.  Finally, we outlined key ways to build a culture of advocacy within the firm by interrupting bias in key business systems, and by engaging with diverse populations as allies that ask, model, and listen. 

We believe that all stakeholders should be seated at the table when we discuss bias and inequities within the workplace in order to create cultural change. This is exactly what we were able to facilitate at Thompson Hine, and we are excited to see their culture of advocacy grow.