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Case Study: UC Emergency Medicine Women's Initiative


We continued our work with the Emergency Medicine Department at the University of Cincinnati with a session for the department’s women’s initiative.

Our workshop topic was Developing Solutions for Gender Issues and during the session we worked through the topics that rose to the top for participants in a pre-sessions survey. The topics we covered were on work / life balance or integration, advocating for others, and building confidence. We often see groups across industries all focusing on these same topics and it was great to her perspectives from these dedicated women in medicine.

During the session we focused on:

  • Identifying pain points within an organization and provide a safe space to discuss them

  • Discovering the root cause of the issues in an organization and working together to brainstorm responses to these issues

  • Creating actionable plans to make improvements to culture and awareness throughout organization

So many great solutions were developed and shared across the small groups and we’re excited to regroup with the department in July for our next session!