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Ask These Questions In Your Next Interview To Find The Right Fit For You


Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? What interests you about this position? It’s easy to anticipate questions the hiring manager will have when you head into an interview. But don’t forget: The interview process is a two-way street. Asking the right questions can set you apart from other candidates by showing how serious you are about finding the right fit for you. Because finding a job you love—not just salary or enticing benefits—is key to being happy work.

Whether you’re interviewing for an internship or an executive-level management position, asking questions is something you should do in every interview. However, thinking up questions when you’re in the hot seat can be a challenge, which is why there is often a long, lingering pause as an answer to the dreaded “got any questions for us?” Be prepared the next time with a handful of these questions in your arsenal.

Ask These Questions In Your Next Interview

What does success look like in this position?

Cuts to the case and show the interviewer that you’re not as interested in process as you are in results. If the hiring manager can’t really answer the question, it could be a signal that the company isn’t clear what this role is about.

How does this company define and measure success?

It’s impressive when you can be assertive about personal and team success within the company. By asking for more information about how the company measures success and recognizes accomplishments, you're subtly saying that you already plan on being a model of success in your role. 

What is the company culture like?

Company culture is  a game changer many people. For example, are they investing in gender diversity? If not, is this a place you see yourself being successful? Getting a feel for what the people are like at your potential place of work is a must! You exhibit an understanding of the importance of office relationships and company culture by asking this question in your interview in anticipation of being hired. 

What is ONE challenge that comes with the role?

Asking for one definitive answer benefits you as an interviewee and also helps the interviewer. Asking for one challenges keeps the focus on succinct details about the position, giving you a solid idea of what would be expected of you in the role.

What does the day-to-day of this position look like?

Don’t be afraid to get into the nitty-gritty of responsibilities. If the job description includes “and other responsibilities” find out what that could entail. If you don’t, you leave it open to whatever work they want to add onto the position. Nothing stings quite as much as starting a new gig and realizing the “other” is actually grunt tasks that take up a good portion of your day.

Finding the right culture fit and team match is crucial to your success within the organization as well as the growth of your career. Keep in mind, these are the people you’re going to spend the next few years of your life with. You need to be able to be honest and keep the conversation flowing. Your success in navigating the job interview can affect how well you’ll fit in with your new colleagues.  Come to the interview with lively, different, and interesting questions to get into the heart of the organization, and to connect on a deeper level. Chances are that you’ll keep the conversation going—when you join the company.

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