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What are the benefits of a women’s initiative workshop?

We are often asked about the benefits of a women’s initiative, and more specifically, our workshops for women’s initiatives. While the specific objectives of each organization and workshop may be different based on the topic selected, we always focus on three main benefits and track our success based on the value that each group receives.

What are the benefits of a women’s initiative workshop?

1. Deeper relationships.

Workshops that are filled with reflection, discussion, and exercises allow the participants of a workshop to open up on topics that may have been previously uncharted—things that everyone was thinking, but hadn’t yet said aloud. Providing a structure for the conversation can go a long way in creating bonds between individuals who have had success and failure, even if it doesn’t look the same for each person. Because we break the ice with a creative project, women who haven’t previously interacted find comfort in a common task and are able to form deeper relationships. You might even get new participants to come out and join the conversation.

We’ve done several DIY events in the past for socializing and networking, but the Gild Collective event with Morse Code necklaces and a Mentoring theme tied the activity to a larger purpose. The event was the most highly attended event in the past year. – Organizer, P&G

2. Actionable tools.

Our goal with every workshop is for each participant to walk away with tools that they are able to put into practice to lead and live with greater confidence and passion. The tools may be different based on the group’s goals, but each woman walks away today feeling empowered to make a change—large or small—tomorrow.

The presentations kept me actively engaged and caused me to reflect on the very things I never consider that may be hindering me from moving forward in things that I am destined to do. I walked away feeling more confident in knowing what I have to offer is of value, and it is not only for me, but it adds value to other individuals lives. I will no longer shy away from opportunities to do the things that I have been commissioned to do. – Participant, Xavier Women of Excellence Conference

3. Personalized takeaways.

While the creative project offers an opportunity to develop deeper relationships, the benefit of this women’s initiative experience is ongoing. The personalized project that each person creates serves as a lasting reminder of everything we discuss in a Gild Collective workshop. When a participant puts on her necklace or takes out her card keeper, she is reminded of the support system she has in her workplace, and is reminded to put those tools into practice. A simple object becomes a much stronger representation of her ability to lead.

The sentimental message of the necklace with the presentation is so special. I have worn it everyday as a reminder of my strengths and what makes me, me. – Participant, Chi O, OSU

Each topic comes with it’s own unique objectives, but these benefits of a women’s initiative workshop are consistent. Before you plan your next event, ask yourself:

Will it create bonds? Will it work? And will it last?