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Case Study: Episcopal Retirement Services

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One of the best parts about working with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber to present the WE Lead retreat, hands down, is the women we get to meet. All are excited to grow their careers and show that by pouring their passion into their organizations. We continue to work with many of the women once the retreat is over, as they partner with us to bring programming to their organizations. It is always a treat to be able to see them in action, and our time at Episcopal Retirement Services with Molly DeJesus was no different.

In November 2018 we had the opportunity to partner with ERS’ Young Professionals group to present a Building and Communicating Confidence workshop to kick off their offsite. We assisted the participants in articulating their strengths into their “30 second commercial” that will help them communicate their contributions with people in positions of influence. Then, we worked with participants to develop and practice personal and professional assertive communication strategies that can be used in various workplace situations, increasing their confidence in daily interactions with colleagues and supervisors.