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4 Skills Successful Female Leaders Have

Did you know female leaders improve businesses--including business profitability and creation of more businesses that are fundamentally creative and innovative? For over twenty years, Sharon Hadary, the founding executive director of the Center for Women's Business Research, and Laura Henderson, founder of Prospect Associates—a $20-million health communications and biomedical research firm, have been conducting research on women in leadership roles. What they have found is that, “women leaders with multi-million-dollar businesses combine their unique feminine leadership with sound business acumen to achieve their highest aspirations.” In other words:

Women’s leadership styles equal success.

There are many qualities accomplished female bosses have in their success arsenal. With these in tow, they’re able to set out into the world and lead with confidence. Have a look at Gild Collective’s top four leadership skills outlined below: do you recognize these traits in yourself?


Have a purpose

Confidently state what you want to achieve and why you’re the best person for the job. Fearlessly defend your abilities and your potential, particularly in the face of those who are not supportive of your ambitions. Being confident in your capabilities and purpose will strengthen your credibility and show others that you deserve the same opportunities as others.

Own your voice

Many of our favorite female leaders inspire us with their words. They are able to articulate — in a way that resonates with their personal aspirations — what they need so that they’re top of mind when opportunities surface. Speak assertively and unapologetically with passion and purpose to inspire coworkers and future female leaders.

Accept criticism

Ask for feedback. Being able to openly and honestly talk about where you stand as a leader opens a door for criticism that is crucial for personal growth. Keep in mind that not all feedback is bad. Hearing you're doing a great job can be just as beneficial.

Prioritize self-care

Invest in yourself just as much as your career. Allow for moments to recharge your body and your soul. Maximum energy levels for the day requires some downtime. Strong leaders recognize when it’s time to take a moment for themselves to fuel up and make a positive impact later in the day.

Being an amazing leader means continuously looking for opportunities to become better. Read, “Inspiring Future Female Business Leaders” for more ways on how to lead successfully.