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Why Do We Craft?


Why do we craft?

The short answer: Because we believe in it. 

We believe in the power of working on a common task to bring people together. We believe in the natural tendency for participants to help one another when someone gets stuck, even if they don’t work together or know each other particularly well. We believe that everyone, regardless of their natural artistic tendency, can benefit from using a part of their brain that isn’t exercised very often at work. We believe that crafting in groups can be a fun, natural ice breaker that breaks down walls that many of us keep up in professional settings. 

Our workshops tackle some tough topics that require participants to dig deep inside themselves to realize their internal motivators, barriers, and goals. We ask a lot of our workshop attendees, but feel completely comfortable doing so because we believe in the benefits that they will get out of the experience. At the core of our business from the very beginning is the connection between shared creative experiences building stronger communities. We know from working with thousands of women across different industries that providing a shared creative experience during the workshop that they feel more comfortable and more connected with the women around them, which allows them to strengthen their communities and open up more during the workshop. 

Finally, the craft experience provides participants with a physical takeaway from their workshop. In creating our workshop experiences, the creative project is carefully tied into the objectives and greater purpose of the experience. It is not separate from the learning process, it is a catalyst for it. Walking away with a physical reminder of the hard work, challenge, and growth that took place in a workshop provides participants with ongoing motivation to continue their journeys once the experience ends. 


Again, we craft because we believe in it and all that it does for our participants. If you are interested in learning more or still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.