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Tailored leadership modules

Gathering insight to deliver impact.

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of women and have heard similar topics come up time and time again. We’ve also recognized the nuance of each organization—based on culture, industry, or something harder to identify. By taking time to really understand our workshop participants and all of their diversity dimensions in advance, we can approach each of our modules in a more thoughtful and tailored way. Our facilitators lead with positive energy to encourage deep reflection, transparent sharing, and progress-driven discussion across all workshop modules:

FOSTERING MENTORSHIP & RELATIONSHIPS: No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table. We unpack the struggles of climbing the corporate ladder, lay emphasis on building positive relationships, and explore what it means to pay it forward. Learn more >

INTERRUPTING BIAS TO LEAD: Everyone possesses deep-rooted biases, which are powerful guides in our daily decision making and attitudes. When these biases put individuals at a disadvantage, it is critical to implement strategies for interrupting them. In this module, we examine how to lead beyond bias and create a supportive ally culture. Learn more >

CREATING SOLUTIONS FOR GENDER ISSUES: Subtle or overt, discrimination exists. Rather than ignoring it, we dissect issues as a group and drill to the root causes. Most importantly, we develop concrete solutions and provide tools to address microaggressions and inequities in the workplace to drive women’s advancement. Learn more >

MAPPING CAREER STRATEGY: The path to advancement may not always be clear—especially if we don’t see women like us in leadership. But there is value in charting your own course. In this module, we take the time to define our leadership purpose and translate it into deliberate objectives and strategies for achievement. Learn more >

COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY: Societal norms and cultural expectations have long perpetuated the idea that men and women have very different communication styles. What happens when we stop focusing on perceived differences, and instead focus on building strong, tactile skills for assertive, effective workplace communication—regardless of gender? Learn more >

BUILDING CONFIDENCE: We underscore the difference between speaking up and being outspoken, and examine what “I’m sorry” really means in the office. Our participants reflect on their accomplishments, explore the notion of personal pride, and seize the space they deserve to take up in the room. Learn more >