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Case Study: WillowWood


We partnered with WillowWood, an organization that designs and manufactures comfortable, functional prosthetics and orthotics, and their recently formed Women in Leadership initiative to present a workshop titled: Uncovering Unconscious Bias to Communicate Effectively. The event’s focus was on understanding unconscious bias and its impact on women in the workplace, and how to communicate effectively to overcome the barriers that bias builds for women progressing to leadership. We were thrilled to see the number of motivated and curious men who attended this training. \

During the session, we focused on:

Assessing our own personal unconscious biases—where they are rooted and how we can overcome them

  • Understanding the impact of inherent bias—within males and females—in the workplace and beyond

  • Providing a thorough understanding of societally defined communication norms, including how they were formed, what they imply and why they still persist

  • Improving understanding of how to push past cultural bias for female communication standards, so that participants can communicate assertively and professionally, regardless of whether or not they fit the expected “norm”

  • Developing and practicing personal and professional assertive communication strategies that can be used in various workplace situations, increasing confidence in daily interactions with colleagues and supervisors

We love the opportunity to partner with such unique and innovative organizations as they begin their road to gender equity.