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Real change requires adjustment
and that’s why our trainings are essential.

Through our work with hundreds of women’s initiative leaders in diverse industries, we’ve found a common thread:

The single-most important factor impacting the success of a retention-focused women’s initiative is organizational support from the top down. 

Gild Collective leadership trainings ensure that your inclusion initiative is fully supported by executives who understand and accept why the initiative is critical for long-term success.

That’s where we come in. Gild Collective acts as a third-party partner to train and support organizational stakeholders outside of your women’s initiative and/or gender-diversity efforts. Our leadership trainings cover diverse and vital topics:

  • CHAMPIONING WOMEN: In this introductory training, we’ll develop key strategies specific to your organization that offer guidelines for being an ally to female employees. The basic strategies provided in this session can be carried on to build networks of support for other marginalized groups. Learn more >

  • UNCOVERING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: In this session, we’ll provide participants with the opportunity to discover, explore and understand their unconscious biases—where did they come from, and how can we accept their presence without letting them drive our key decisions? How have these biases impacted our decisions and actions thus far, and how can we interrupt them going forward? Learn more >

  • ADDRESSING & ELEVATING GENDER ISSUES: Together with participants, we will dig deep in this training to define and outline key gender issues within your organization, as well as their root causes. We’ll create a strategy for building solutions that are measurable, long-term and inclusive for all employees. Learn more >

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Words of Affirmation


"Gild Collective has been an instrumental part of helping us build our women’s initiative. To help us kick off this initiative, Gild Collective presented an implicit bias training to our leadership team. Before the training, Gild Collective set aside time to listen to the issues we were facing within our firm and then customized a program to facilitate meaningful discussions on issues that needed to be addressed. This presentation not only helped lay the foundation to launch our women’s initiative, but also brought awareness of implicit bias to our leadership group. This training continues to spark important conversations throughout all levels of the firm."

- Mackenzie, Talent Management Coordinator, Clark Schaefer Hackett

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