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Communicating Effectively

Societal norms and cultural expectations have long perpetuated the idea that men and women have very different communication styles. Men are strong and direct, while women are empathetic and nurturing. For years, these norms have dictated so many aspects of our work environments, whether we overtly recognize them or not. Understanding how these expectations impact our own personal communication habits as well as our organization-wide communication, both in formal policies and informal practices, is critical for moving towards an inclusive and diverse work environment.

This workshop explores how we talk the talk: What happens when begin to ignore the mold that society gave us? What if instead of focusing on how to communicate as "professional women," we focus on communicating assertively as leaders? Communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of an organization, and it starts with how we communicate with our colleagues and business partners. 


  • Providing a thorough understanding of societally defined communication norms, including how they were formed, what they imply and why they still persist

  • Improving understanding of how to push past cultural expectations for female communication standards, so that participants can communicate confidently and professionally, regardless of whether or not they fit the expected “norm”

  • Developing and practicing personal and professional communication strategies that can be used in various workplace situations, increasing confidence in daily interactions with colleagues and supervisors

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