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Case Study: Barnes Dennig "The Power of No" Workshop

Before the holiday season, we facilitated a timely session for the Barnes Dennig Women’s Initiative and their clients—Prioritizing for You and the Power of No.

If you follow us on social media, you know that one of our favorite quotes is

“No.” is a full sentence.

That was the inspiration for this workshop, focused around recognizing the importance of each participants’ goals and working to give self-permission to prioritize those things. We took it one step further to dig into communication techniques that make it more comfortable to do something that feels so unnatural for many—saying no.

Workshop participants shared their own techniques for navigating “no” conversations, as well as tools to help them prioritize and balance everything they have on their plates. We left inspired by their ideas and have even implemented many of them in our lives since the session.

Courtesy of the Barnes Dennig invitation email.

Courtesy of the Barnes Dennig invitation email.