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We’re all about workshops—
because we’re all works in progress

There are truths that inspire the workshops we give:

A majority of women find themselves apologizing in the workplace without reason. That same fraction feels short-changed in salary and title based on sex. Four out of five feel uncomfortable overtly asking for female mentorship. Many wish they felt more empowered, more self-assured. We’ve learned that women want to confront issues, break glass ceilings, and pull up others as they go. They want to meet new people and interact more genuinely—to connect, not compete.

Here’s the gilded lining:

So many are already doing it. When a woman sees her peer hurdle an obstacle, or shatter a stereotype, she feels more inspired to do the same. Our workshops are built on the power of the collective. Some might call it the domino effect; we proudly call it the Gild effect. 

Whether offsite at a team-building summit or in a sorority suite on campus, we provide an experience that’s fun, interactive, and focused on the issues that matter most—always presented through a lens of positivity and progress.


Words of Affirmation

"There was so much positive buzz in our office after the event – everyone loved it! Both Rachel and Kelsey have impressive career backgrounds and this permeates all things that they do through Gild. It’s awesome to work with such driven and successful women who aim to inspire other women to do the same.  I highly recommend working with this awesome team!"

- Taylor Wilson, Emnos

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