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Women's initiative roundtable

Next Event: October 8, 2019 7:30-9:00 AM

About the Roundtable

Our mission for the Gild Collective Women’s Initiative Roundtable is to provide a safe setting where leaders of women’s initiatives from a variety of Cincinnati companies can come together to celebrate their efforts and strategize against roadblocks to advance women as leaders in the workplace.

The Women’s Initiative Roundtable was developed to build a supportive, honest community where we can:

  • Discuss our unique ideas, compare notes, and give constructive feedback.

  • Share our challenges and successes: what has worked well, and what has not?

  • Provide one another emotional support.

  • Establish best practices for engaging and empowering the women that we lead.

The Women’s Initiative Roundtable will meet for a quarterly breakfast and will rotate between Roundtable-member offices. This will provide visibility of what we are doing for our employer organizations, as well as facilitate engagement across companies. Our organizations are diverse, as are our positions within them, but together we can create a cohesive, city-wide commitment to furthering women in the workplace.