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Developing Female Leaders

It’s a simple concept: if we, as women, don’t see someone who looks like us in a position of power within our organization, we’re unlikely to believe we can rise to a position of power. There are dimensions of the career progression that are unique to female employees, like the ever-tricky work-life balance, or the ever-present wage gap. With these challenges, creating a path toward management or leadership positions can feel overwhelming. We know that paving a new path is possible, but how do we even begin?

In this workshop, we discuss and enact strategies to overcome leadership obstacles, and to continue on our career paths with newfound confidence and higher velocity. Identifying challenges in advance enables employees to cultivate the resources, tools, and support system needed to rise above and succeed.


  • Understanding prevalent barriers for women to progress to leadership
  • Creating a personal roadmap that aligns individual values and vision to professional goals
  • Building strategies to fulfill personal and professional goals that help women advance in leadership roles, such as negotiation techniques and communicating strengths in performance reviews

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