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Creating Solutions for Gender Issues

Even tougher than asking the question—“is it because I’m a woman?”—is learning the real answer. In reality, women are less likely than men to think they have equal opportunities for growth and development, and are more likely to think their gender will play a role in missing out on a raise, promotion or a chance to get ahead. And, despite lobbying for promotions as often as men, women on average are less likely to be promoted. When they do, women still make 77 cents of a man’s dollar, and that gap is even greater for women of color.

In this workshop, we dissect issues of discrimination as a group, drill to the root causes, and most importantly, provide concrete tools to address them and drive women’s equality forward.


  • Identifying pain points within an organization and provide a safe space to discuss them

  • Discovering the root cause of the issues in an organization and working together to brainstorm responses to these issues

  • Creating actionable plans to make improvements to culture and awareness throughout organization

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