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Building Confidence

If you knew that only 67% of women in your organization felt they could participate meaningfully in meetings, would you make changes to increase that number? Women face an uphill battle when it comes to advocating for their own success: women who negotiate are 30% more likely than men to receive feedback that they are “intimidating,” “too aggressive,” or “bossy,” and 67% more likely than women who don’t negotiate to receive the same feedback. Women will naturally undermine their own achievements, are afraid of being found out and suffer from imposter syndrome. How do we change our environments to create workplaces that encourage confidence, foster self-advocacy, and support women’s career progression?

We underscore the difference between speaking up and being outspoken, and examine what “I’m sorry” really means in the classroom or office.  Our participants reflect on their accomplishments, explore the notion of personal pride, and seize the space they deserve to take up in the room.


  • Identifying ways that a lack of confidence can present itself and how this impacts a woman’s voice in the workplace

  • Assisting participants in identifying and clearly articulating their strengths

  • Building tools to practice confidence and putting them into action

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