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Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Everyone possesses deep-rooted biases, which are powerful guides in our daily decision making and attitudes. Whether we know it or not, we enter every day of our life with biases. Biases can be both positive and negative, but both can have profound impacts on the way we perceive others, their actions, and our own reactions. Biases are not always overt--so how do we combat biases that are unconscious? 

In this workshop, we examine how biases are formed, methods to spot them, and tricks for interrupting them—an exercise that yields safer, more inclusive workspaces.


  • Assessing our own personal unconscious biases—where they are rooted and how we can overcome them

  • Understanding the impact of inherent bias—within males and females—in the workplace and beyond

  • Identifying situational factors that make us more prone to the influence of our unconscious biases, and creating understanding of how to overcome bias in those situations

  • Increasing participants’ confidence to interrupt biases when they arise

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