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Overcoming Gender Normative Culture

Gender norms—the standards and expectations that dictate how we are supposed to speak, act, dress, and generally conduct ourselves—play a powerful role in our society and therefore, our organizations. Understanding, acceptance, and support of individuals who identify outside of gender normative guidelines is growing, however, many individuals still do not feel safe within their workplaces. In this training, we will explore the impacts of gender norms within our organizational cultures, as well as design strategies and inclusive language to support employees all along the gender spectrum.

  • Understanding the role that gender norms play within our society and cultures, both inside and outside of the workplace, on both cisgender and transgender individuals

  • Understanding a wide variety of often complex and ambiguous terms to describe transgender experiences and identities

  • Empowering individuals with tools to act as allies for all employees, regardless of where they fall within the gender identity spectrum

  • Designing strategies for creating active support frameworks for individuals who identify outside of gender normative guidelines

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