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Loved crafting with Gild? Keep it going with our STUDENT SPECIALS!

We've selected our three best-selling projects and marked them down so you and your friends can craft on a budget! All below are priced for four friends to make a project of their own!

UC Student Special - Gemstone Cluster Earrings

$50.00 for four sets of 5 earrings! Traditional retail: $34 per person!

You may not be able to afford to switch up your look as often as you would like, but thanks to this easy and affordable DIY, you can switch up your glam whenever you want! You and your friends can each make a set of 5 earrings less than the price of a meal at the dining hall.

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UC Student Special - Jewelry Display Set

$45 for four friends. Traditional retail: $39 per person!

Do you already have all the jewelry you need? What about a place to display it all? If you hoard jewelry like we do, you’ll love this project. You’ll create this tray, ring dish, and necklace hanger that has a high-end look on a handmade budget. This project requires the use of an oven.

Accent Clay Color:
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UC Student Special - Morse Code Necklace

$60.00 for four friends. Traditional retail: $39 per person!

These are the best years of your life- trust us! Commemorate it by making a Morse Code Necklace. You can choose a word, initials, or short phrase to keep close to your heart. We love the idea of a friend group making a set of necklaces to match. Kind of like a modern BFF necklace? You can choose silver or gold!

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