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Our strategy is where real insights meet real action.

Over the years, we’ve met thousands of women in our workshops.

We’ve asked the tough questions, heard challenging answers, and through each of those exchanges, learned a lot about the inclusion and diversity issues that face the modern work environment. Regardless of industry, age or level of experience, we have found that there are some gender-diversity and workplace-inclusion strategies that work—and others that just fall flat.

Gild Collective wants to make sure your organization is using the right methods for your specific inclusion and diversity challenges. Our strategic consulting services will help you develop or improve gender-diversity and workplace-inclusion efforts to drive engagement, retention, and diversity goals. 

We know that strategy is most effective when it is driven by real insights. Gild Collective will gather data from your organization through tools like surveys, interviews, and focus groups to create an actionable workplace initiative that reflects your organization’s people, mission, and goals.

Hit your inclusion and diversity goals and retain your top talent with our strategic consulting. We'll help you:

  • Create opportunities for substantial organizational change
  • Provide a deeper understanding of employee perceptions and needs
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to devise a strategy with a clearly defined mission and goals, able to guide your initiative for years to come
  • Foster an inclusive environment that creates opportunities for men to become involved and passionate as allies for gender-based workplace issues.
  • Build systems for measuring key internal metrics, such as employee advancement, retention and engagement
  • Provide ongoing support to drive change and achieve organizational goals going forward

Our insight gained from working with thousands of women in a variety of industries creates a lens through which we can assess the strength of your organization’s current women’s initiatives and inclusion programs. Together, we can explore what is—and what is not—working when it comes to your efforts and develop sustainable solutions for improvement.

Don’t have a women’s initiative or gender-diversity strategy yet?  Let us develop yours.

Contact us to get started. 

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