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Gild on your terms

We’re empowering you with the guidance and tools to run your own leadership workshop.

Rest assured: we’ve done the research and tested this curriculum countless times, so you can be fully confident in your ability to deliver an amazing workshop to your workplace, campus organization, or sorority—whether it’s a group of 20 or 200. We’ll provide you with a detailed facilitation guide, plus the supplies and instructions for the creative project of your choice.

Have questions? Before your event, we’ll hop on the phone with you for a 30-minute chat—we’re here to make you feel comfortable, prepared and fully equipped for your self-facilitated leadership workshop.

Self-Facilitated Workshop:
Building Confidence

Can you foster new levels of confidence in a single, two-hour session? Absolutely.

Self-Facilitated Workshop:
Fostering Mentorship & Relationships

No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table.

Want to talk through the details of your Self-Facilitated Workshop?

Words of Affirmation


"It's really cool to see something that I was able to teach the group means so much to them, and that they are getting so much use out of it. It means a lot to me that I was able to put on an event so successfully that people still remember—and that I'm sure they will remember in the future, too.

- Lauren, Chi Omega, The Ohio State University

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