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Gild on your terms

We’re empowering you with the guidance and tools to run your own leadership workshop.

Rest assured: we’ve done the research and tested this curriculum countless times, so you can be fully confident in your ability to deliver an amazing workshop to your organization or workplace--whether it’s a group of 20 or 200. We’ll provide you with the supplies and instructions for the Gild Collective creative project of your choice, plus a detailed video that walks you through your beginner-level craft.

Have questions? Before your event, we’ll hop on the phone with you for a 30-minute chat—we’re here to make you feel comfortable, confident and fully equipped for your self-guided leadership workshop.

Self-Facilitated Workshop:
Building Confidence


Can you foster new levels of confidence in a single, two-hour session? Absolutely.

Self-Facilitated Workshop:
Fostering Mentorship & Relationships

No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table.

Want to talk through the details of your Self-Facilitated Workshop?

Words of Affirmation


"It's really cool to see something that I was able to teach the group means so much to them, and that they are getting so much use out of it. It means a lot to me that I was able to put on an event so successfully that people still remember—and that I'm sure they will remember in the future, too.

- Lauren, Chi Omega, The Ohio State University

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