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Self-Facilitated Workshop: Fostering Mentorship & Relationships


Self-Facilitated Workshop: Fostering Mentorship & Relationships

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Please place orders 4-6 weeks prior to desired workshop date, or contact us to discuss a shorter timeline. Non-profit discounts available.

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No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table. In this two-hour session, you will help participants unpack the struggles of climbing the corporate ladder, lay emphasis on building positive relationships, and explore what it means to pay it forward. We provide all of the tools you need to engage the women in your workplace for a fun, impactful, action-oriented event. Our Gild Facilitation Guide, which comes printed in a high-resolution, reusable bound book, details the basics for a dynamic session, helping your guests:

  • Assess their past and present mentors and mentees and identify the impact that they had personally and professionally
  • Compile the common qualities of previous positive mentors, then share among the group to recognize key characteristics
  • Understand the concept of Second-Generation Gender Bias and the impact it has on mentorship
  • Let go of our collective competitiveness and feelings of being threatened by other women—and instead embrace their successes and strengths to better ourselves

This curriculum is paired with our Morse Code Necklace

What you'll get:

  • All materials needed to complete your workshop craft
  • Detailed crafting instructions
  • Craft step-by-step how-to video
  • Gild Facilitation Guide
  • 30-minute phone conversation with a Gild Collective facilitator


Creative project:


Morse Code Necklace  

It’s a language that’s universal, but takes focus to appreciate and understand—an idea that couldn’t be more on-theme for your workshop. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a meaningful excerpt, an important location or a set of initials, Morse Code will convey your message with artistry and deeper meaning. 
Wear your Morse Code Necklace every day of the week, or save it for special days when you have a major meeting or big-time interview on the books. These delicate pieces also act as chic conversation-starters. (We highly recommend sporting it at your next networking event.)
Opt for gold beads, silver beads—or a mix of both—and create a sophisticated piece with a story. Best of all? After your workshop, each of you walks away with a piece that speaks the same language.
Supplies include: 

  • A mix of gold and silver necklace supplies 
  • Morse code translation charts
  • Shared pliers
  • Shared instruction books
  • Kraft mats to protect work surfaces