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Meet Rachel,
our Chief Creative Officer 

Representing the far-right side of the brain for Gild Collective,

Rachel strives to be equal parts creative, empathetic, assertive and present in all she does. She’s studied diverse subjects, earned diverse degrees, and served diverse roles. And through it all, she’s woven a few common threads: appreciation of place, respect of self, and deep devotion to community.

Rachel was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and bounced around its vibrant neighborhoods growing up. Her childhood was spent with her mother and two siblings in an old Victorian house, where she learned the value of participating in a diverse community. At 18, she moved north to attend college at Kent State University—learning more of life’s lessons outside of the classroom than in it. She discovered that she is a terrible roommate, that having few high-quality friendships is better than having many low-quality ones, that fashion is a freeing form of self-expression, and that the freshman fifteen is real, but not very important. Most notably, Rachel learned that her voice and actions carry great power to impact positive change—for herself, and for her community.

After college, Rachel spent a year living and working abroad in New Zealand. She traveled the country extensively, learning lessons about independence and unfamiliarity as she pushed herself to the outer limits of her comfort zone. She also learned how to sit quietly and appreciate the joy that can be found in nature—an insight that inspired Rachel’s decision to attend graduate school to study higher education administration at the University of Tennessee, tucked beneath the Smoky Mountains. 

In 2013, Rachel returned home to Cincinnati. For two years, she worked with a primarily female and nontraditional college student population as a student success coordinator. She worked to help students progress to graduation, and through it, experienced first-hand the profound differences that women face in their uphill climb to achieving success. Rachel became overwhelmed with the desire to make an impact—a drive that would help pivot her toward Gild. 
In parallel, she began flexing her creative muscles in new ways, launching an Etsy shop and commissioning paintings. The intersection of creative expression, entrepreneurship and female empowerment was a lightbulb moment for Rachel, inspiring her to partner with Kelsey in the conception of Gild.

Today, Rachel oversees a wide array of endeavors for Gild, including product development, client engagement, sourcing, curriculum development and marketing.