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Mindfulness & meditation mala

in partnership with Wild Sage Collective

We’re excited to partner with the talented women behind Wild Sage Collective to bring you our modmala, a modern version of the traditional mala necklace—a piece that’s been used to guide meditations for centuries.

A string of stunning beads capped by a dramatic tassel, the modmala is designed to anchor, helping quiet our busy brains and foster stillness for a more effective mindfulness practice. Creating these necklaces is a form of meditation in itself. Center yourself as you craft your piece, embedding an intention with each bead you tie. When you take your place to practice meditation in the future, remember to put on your modmala. Inherently powerful, the piece will encourage reflection on the intentions, goals and aspirations you hold close.

Pairs well with these workshops:

  • Addressing + Elevating Gender Issues
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias