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Meet Kelsey,
our Chief Executive Officer

The road to Gild Collective was a winding one—

filled with moments of questioning and even more moments of clarity—but for Kelsey, it seems all roads led here. After studying marketing, communications and interactive media studies at Miami University, Kelsey found herself fascinated by design, but more specifically with the details of how it’s perceived and experienced. She went on to pursue a Master’s degree in user experience design from Kent State University. During her studies, she proactively inserted herself into other development opportunities: attending user research studies at the interactive marketing firm where she worked, overseeing side projects, and eventually landing a full-time position on its Research & Customer Experience team. 

With a well-rounded UX portfolio, Kelsey migrated south to begin a new agency role in Cincinnati, Ohio. The years to follow were a prolonged master class in branding, design and UX: Kelsey infused user-insights into projects for P&G, ConAgra Foods and Smucker’s. She developed website redesigns, mobile apps, and Facebook marketing, then accepted an offer to join the digital team at Frontgate, a luxury furniture retailer, as their sole UX designer. Kelsey became fluent in the complex language of e-commerce, and built and improved site experiences to drive business results and brand allegiance. With extensive expertise, she also began teaching courses at the same Kent State program she attended as a grad student—talk about coming full circle.

Kelsey’s mastery of UX, curiosity around user behavior and detail-oriented approach were a winning trifecta, posturing her for success as CEO when the idea for Gild hatched in 2015. But beyond her resumé, Kelsey possesses traits that influence the Gild mission and structure: deeply empathetic, extremely passionate and intrinsically social. A natural “gatherer,” she’s in constant pursuit of new ways to connect those she cares for and admires. 

Currently, Kelsey leads business strategy and operations for Gild, serving as the primary point of contact for workshop planning and feedback. She also co-develops workshop curriculums, communicates regularly with users to understand customer needs and manages the digital customer experience from end to end.