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Host an Event with Gild Collective!

We are Gild Collective, and we are focused on making it easy for women to have fun, creative experiences with their community. We do this through in-home craft parties, but we love to get the word out about our product by partnering with the best establishments we can find. That’s where you come in! 


Step 1- Booking: You look through our catalog of public event projects and decide which you think would best t your vibe. Then, select a date (a typically slow weeknight? a Saturday or Sunday afternoon before you are open?) and we do the work!

Step 2- Advertising: We will send you graphics to display at your establishment on a poster and to share on your social media a few times. We will be handling the bulk of any recruitment for the event. We think 2-4 weeks is a good window for recruiting guests. Sometimes it books up in a day or two, but sometimes guests wait until the last minute. Guests will pay on the Gild Collective site.

Step 3- The Day Of: We show up an hour in advance to set up. Each guest receives their drink ticket and supplies. We will do crafts, have fun, and drink your drinks. At the end of the event (~2 hours, give or take), we pay the tab based on how many tickets are redeemed. 


We would love to show you the benefits of hosting a crafting event with Gild. We know that numbers speak louder than words, so we have some data for you:

  • Gild events are usually between 30-50 people. Approximately 85% will redeem their drink tickets, and most will have more than one!
  • When asked to rate their experience at a Gild event, 89% give it a 9/10 or above (83% give a 10/10!)
  • Gild events typically bring in a new crowd. Usually at least 60% will have never been to your establishment before!