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Gender Diversity in Finance

Money: it’s one of the topics that is widely considered taboo to discuss among peers.

But what if that cultural norm is creating a financial services industry that doesn’t capitalize on the perspective that women and diversity can bring to the table?


There is data that proves a correlation between increased leadership diversity and increased profitability of a bank. However, women account for only one in five leaders in the financial services industry, and specific areas of financial services see even smaller percentages of female leadership. 

86% of investment advisors are men, and these men have an average age of 50+ years.


Understanding the unique and multi-faceted skills and knowledge that women offer is the first step in creating a path of success and achievement for your financial services company.

Financial services organizations with at least one woman on their board significantly outperform their competitors with no female leadership.

Banks with a higher percentage of diversity within leadership demonstrate improved levels of risk management.

Women are 20-30% more likely to leave careers in financial services over careers in other industries, causing retention challenges for organizations.


If your business operates like many in the financial services field, you likely have plenty of female employees with the potential to be high-ranking leaders. And yet, as you look towards the top of your organization, fewer and fewer women are there. Do you know why?

Gild Collective has worked with banks and other financial institutions to develop ongoing, realistic gender diversity strategies.