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The ones we hear again and again—answered.

1) How much does a workshop cost?

Because we tailor your Gild experience, cost depends on a few factors: each workshop is tailored to your individual group and may adjust based on size and length of workshop. To receive an estimate for your workshop, contact Kelsey and Rachel at or reach out here.

2) Do you offer any discounts?

We love referrals and repeat business—and we give you the discounts to prove it. If you refer a friend or fellow colleague and they host a workshop, we’ll give both of you a discount on your next booking. Already hosted a workshop? Booking another one or booking a series will give you a discount on your subsequent workshops. To make a referral now, just contact Kelsey and Rachel at, or click here. We also offer discounts for non-profits and university organizations.

3) Are your workshops for women only?

We’re all in this together—and that means you too, men. All of our workshops are focused on women’s leadership, but that doesn’t mean women-only! In fact, we encourage male colleagues from your organization to join in on the discussion—after all, the unique issues women face don’t exist in a vacuum, so we shouldn’t talk about them in one. When we start planning your workshop, we’ll talk about the makeup of your group, adjusting our exercises, project selection and talking points accordingly.

4) How long does a workshop last?

We recommend dedicating three to four hours to your workshop in order to get the most out of each discussion, exercise and creative project. We’re happy to work with you to find the right length of time for your group, but typically don’t recommend anything shorter than two hours.

5) Where can I have a workshop?

Anywhere! If you have a meeting space in your office, we’re happy to travel to you. If you’d prefer to head out, we can provide a list of  local venues that are perfect for your offsite meetings. We’ve even set up shop in local parks on warm, sunny days!

We call Cincinnati, Ohio, our home base, but we’re available for travel nationwide.

6) How many people can attend a workshop?

We’ve had groups as small as ten, and as large as two-hundred. We can accommodate workshops of any size. As your group grows, we will bring on additional facilitators to ensure that everyone in your group gets the attention they deserve throughout the exercises and creative project. 

7) Are the creative projects difficult?

Each and every one of our projects is designed to be user-friendly to crafters of all levels. No need to be a DIY expert to complete these projects. In addition to having one of our co-founders guide the craft, we also provide written instructions at every table—plus additional facilitators that float from table to table, helping when needed. While some projects require a bit more concentration than others, they are all easily accomplished by people of any skill level.

8) Who facilitates the workshops?

One or more members of the Gild Collective facilitation team will be there to lead your workshop—guiding the discussion, exercises and creative project. Most often, you'll see one of the Gild Collective co-founders at the front of the room.

Want to meet the women behind Gild? Learn more about Kelsey and Rachel here.

9) When do you recommend hosting my workshop?

In the workplace, we suggest hosting your workshop at the time of day that works best for your group, especially if you already have a standing meeting that people have blocked off on their calendars. If we were to make a suggestion, we think that the first half of the day is great for our workshops. It allows people to start the day on the right foot, and ensures that people aren’t distracted by completing “one more thing” before they join in. Consider serving coffee and breakfast, or capping off the event with a group lunch.

10) Can I still host a craft party at home?

We still offer individual kits and party boxes for hosting your own party or mini-workshop at home on our Etsy shop. Select any quantity—they’re perfect for an upcoming shower you’re hosting, a birthday party, or a fun evening with friends.  If you're interested in taking the conversation to a deeper place, check out our Self-Facilitated Workshops—we provide you with a detailed guide to lead your own women's leadership workshop!

Ready to start planning your workshop? 

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