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Complexity Scale

At Gild, we want to make it easy for you to pick out the perfect project for you. But we know that means different things to different people! So we've broken our scale down into 3 factors - Creativity, Artistic Ability, and Concentration. In addition to an estimated time to complete the craft, each project will have a 1 to 5 rating for each one of these factors.


Can you follow the instructions to a T, or will you be required to think on your feet? A "1" is by-the-book, while a "5" is more of a blank slate.

Artistic Ability:

How much raw talent do you need to complete this project? A "1" might mean you failed art class, while a "5" means you're reading this from your craft room!


Is this a project that requires a lot of concentration? A "1" is for those distracted by squirrels and shiny objects, and a "5" is for the heads-down type of gal.