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Changing bias behaviors

Gild Collective changes individual views and behaviors to shift workplace cultures and break down gender barriers.

Since 2015, Gild Collective has worked with over 10,000 women and men through leadership workshops and gender inclusion trainings.

And we’ve learned a few things:

We’ve learned that progress is slow, but possible.
We’ve learned that leadership buy-in is tricky, but critical.
We’ve learned that individual behaviors won’t change unless we change minds.

So we decided to work backwards.

To break down gender barriers, we need to shift cultures. To shift cultures, we must change behaviors. To change behaviors we have to adjust views by adding empathy for another’s experience.


Enter—Changing Bias Behaviors from Gild Collective. A four-phase program for managers, aiming to increase understanding of what gender bias is, and how to identify and interrupt it.


Benchmark Culture: Assessment

A survey of cohort participants and those who surround them in the organization. We’ll get a baseline for progress, understanding the current gender representation and potential areas of bias impact.


Changing Views: Bias Training + Simulator

Beyond a baseline understanding of bias, participants experience what it is like to walk in another’s shoes. Through an intersectional gender bias simulator, new insights leave everyone asking, “now what do we do about it?”


Changing Behaviors:
Interrupting External Biases

Accepting responsibility for personally held biases and developing solutions to interrupt bias when it impacts others.


Changing Behaviors:
Interrupting Internal Biases

Recognizing internalized biases to better advocate for oneself and advance direct reports who may hold themselves back.