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women in the workplace

What I'm Reading: Women in the Workplace 2019

Each year, we eagerly anticipate the release of the annual Women in the Workplace study conducted by and McKinsey and Company. This year, the report’s fifth year, was no different. There are often new themes and new lenses on the topics of representation, bias, and how to mitigate unequal treatment in the workplace. Our big takeaway this year is a concept coined The Broken Rung. 

How Women at Nike Changed Everything, and What It Should Mean to Your Organization

Women at Nike were fed up with sexual harassment and gender discrimination. They decided to do something about it with data. That data changed the narrative of the company forever. Here is what we learned, and what you should learn, too.

How to Bring Your Whole Self to Work and Life

Work-life balance. That ever-elusive goal we are all working towards achieving. We hear all the time at our women’s initiatives workshops how this obsessive pursuit can be exhausting, frustrating and alienating. What we at Gild have come to realize is this: We are not alone. Successful women in workplaces everywhere struggle to find the right balance. We have to ask ourselves, does it even exist?