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Case Study: Kao NOW

Our January workshop with Kao NOW, the women’s initiative at Kao, was a long-time coming as we had been planning with the initiative’s leaders for over a year to make the event a success. The topic selected by the group was Communicating Confidence for Achievement, which was paired with the creation of vision boards to kick off the new year.

Case Study: Rackspace POWER Workshop: Career Planning

Gild Collective traveled to San Antonio, Texas to deliver a Career Planning workshop for POWER—the Professional Organization of Women Empowered at Rackspace. POWER was bringing a subset of its 700 members together for the organization’s Annual Luncheon and invited Gild Collective to share our personal strategy map planning with their audience.

Mentorship Ground Rules for Eradicating Eye Rolls

I strongly believe in the power of having key mentors to guide and support you through this crazy life. By following these ground rules, we can show the impact that purposeful, time-sensitive, sometimes unexpected, but overall done-right mentorship relationships can have. Maybe we’ll even win over a few eye-rollers in the process!

What I'm Reading: The Confidence Effect

I bought this book because confidence has always been one of the key components to the Gild mission. From day one, we knew we wanted to encourage confidence in women through creativity and community. And now, as we continue to make changes to our business, instilling confidence in women–especially those in the workplace–is always top of mind. It’s something I consistently struggle with, even as I work to help others feel like they can take on the world.