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Bringing Passion Together: The Women’s Initiative Roundtable

One of the most common questions we get when strategizing programming for women’s initiatives with companies is, “What are other companies doing with their women’s groups?” And while we of course understand why this information is relevant and interesting, we are…

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(formally) Introducing Our New Workshop Projects

Over the past several weeks our wonderful intern Taylor has been highlighting the new additions to our workshop project offerings on Instagram, but we thought it might be time for a formal introduction. Our four new projects were designed with a diverse set of customers in mind, and a diverse set of circumstances. Our goal for these products was straightforward: We wanted to create offerings that were relatively gender neutral, accessible for all levels of ability, and most importantly, usable and practical.

Women’s Initiatives: What are they?

A women’s initiative can go by many names—a women’s group, a women’s network, a women’s employee resource group, affinity group, or a company-branded network name. While different names may mean slight variations in structure, they all have the goal of bringing together individuals (yes! both women and men) in an organization.