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Case Studies

Case Study: Women's Energy Network

The Greater Pittsburgh chapter of the Women's Energy Network hosted members for a half day conference as part of their Leadership Series. As a group, we dove into the findings from the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap with the 2018 International Women's Day theme of "Press for Progress" in mind.

Case Study: Clark Schaeffer Hacket

This month, we returned to dig deeper into the concept of bias with the Advancing Women in Leadership initiative. Our goal with this workshop was not only provide a thorough understanding of what bias is and how we can recognize it, but also to explore how small moments of bias can have a tremendous impact on a woman's career throughout a lifetime.

Case Study: Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

The local Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) hosted a volunteer appreciation workshop focused on developing your career path and the importance of your network. The Gild team walked the group through one of our favorite strategic exercises—the personal Strategy Map—to outline each person's individual vision statement, paired with concrete objectives and strategies for achieving them.