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Case Study: Intel Women's Program

In December 2018, Gild Collective facilitated a 2-day program for a cohort of under-represented minority (URM) women at Intel. The participants came from a variety of departments and positions within the organization and many had never met previously. Beyond the action-oriented programming during the session, we organized opportunities for connection and network building to create support networks within the organization.

Participants were surveyed in advance of the session to refine curriculum and also set benchmark data for the key goals of the program. Following the program, participants were surveyed again to collect feedback and identify movement on benchmarking questions.

  • For benchmarking questions, agreement increased by 10-29%. Some benchmarks included:

    • There are clear opportunities for me to progress in the organization.

    • I have a clear vision for my role at Intel in the next 2 years. 

    • My company supports me in defining my career plan.

    • My company values me and my contributions.

    • I possess the tools needed to achieve my career goals.

  • For all objectives, at least 59% of participants felt that objectives were met to a great or very great extent. Most objectives were significantly higher with 73-82% of participants feeling that objectives were met to a great or very great extent.

We loved the time we spent developing this program from the women of Intel and look forward to our engagement continuing with additional mixed-gender groups across Intel offices in 2019.

Here’s what the leader of women’s programs, Sarah, had to say about our pilot session:

“Intel Corporation hosted a pilot engagement with the Gild Collective in late 2018 to support a group of ~50 mid-level, female, underrepresented minority (URM) employees. The goal of the workshop was to help Intel achieve their diversity and inclusion goals related to female and URM representation in the United States, while simultaneously focusing on the retention and progression issues faced by women in the workplace. Intel and the Global Diversity & Inclusion Office have hosted a variety of workshops over the years led by external facilitators, but the Gild Collective pilot was the first such workshop to focus specifically on mid-level female employees. The content that was created by Kelsey Pytlik and Rachel Bauer was extremely impactful to the workshop participants, and I was personally able to collaborate with them both in depth over the months leading up to the workshop to ensure the modules were appropriate for the audience and addressed the internal issues female employees are facing at this particular point in their careers.

Kelsey and Rachel were a pure joy to work with – great attention to detail, loads of enthusiasm and passion for the topics, timely responses, and a high level of organization and strategic planning. The workshop itself was one of the easiest sessions I’ve ever helped to facilitate because Kelsey and Rachel came fully prepared with all of the materials; the work required on my behalf was minimal to make sure we were prepared for the workshop. This was an amazing perk, and a method that I’ve continued to share with other external facilitators as a suggestion for enhancing their own workshops.”

- Sarah B. Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager – Women’s Initiatives – Global Diversity & Inclusion Office