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Introducing: Self-Facilitated Workshops


If there is one thing we know, it is that every woman can benefit from a workshop that aims to address the unique challenges that she faces in the workplace. We know that small moments of bias, even if unconscious, can have a lasting impact on our professional and personal identities. We believe in the power of a collective group in lifting each other up and creating momentum that one simply can’t form on their own. These beliefs shape who we are, and are the reason behind what we do with our Gild Collective workshops in workplaces, organizations, non-profits, and campuses across the country.

We also know that a traditional Gild Collective workshop is not for everyone, even those who wholeheartedly agree with our message. Due to constraints of budget, confidentiality, or company culture, it may not make sense to bring an outside facilitator into your organization, even if you badly want to bring the message in. For those that fit into this category, we are excited to announce the newest member of our family of offerings: the Gild Collective Self-Facilitated Workshop!

Self-Facilitated Workshops: What Are They?

Self-Facilitated Workshops are workshops that can be facilitated by an internal member of your organization. We’re empowering you with the guidance and tools to run your own workshop. Rest assured: we’ve done the research and tested this curriculum countless times, so you can be fully confident in your ability to deliver an amazing session to your participants—whether it’s a group of 20 or 200. We’ll provide you with the supplies and instructions for the creative project of your choice, plus a detailed video that walks you through your beginner-level craft.

In short, you will be able to present a fully-vetted Gild Collective workshop without the cost or logistical planning of bringing in an outside facilitator. If you have questions (which most do) before your event, we’ll hop on the phone with you for a 30-minute chat—we’re here to make you feel comfortable, confident and fully equipped for your workshop.

Self-Facilitated Workshops: What Topics Do They Cover?

For the first release of the Self-Facilitated Workshops we are focusing on our two most requested workshop topics:

Building Confidence


Can you foster new levels of confidence in a single, two-hour session? Absolutely. In this DIY Workshop, you’ll encourage your participants to reflect on their accomplishments, explore their definitions of personal pride, and seize the space they deserve to take up in the room.

Fostering Mentorship and Relationships


No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table. In this two-hour session, you will help participants unpack the struggles of climbing the corporate ladder, lay emphasis on building positive relationships, and explore what it means to pay it forward.

With both topics, we provide all of the tools you need to engage the women in your workplace for a fun, impactful, action-oriented event. Our Gild Facilitation Guide, which comes printed in a high-resolution, reusable bound book, details the basics for a dynamic session.

Self-Facilitated Workshops: What Creative Projects Are Offered, and How Will I Facilitate Them Myself?

Our Self-Facilitated Workshops can be paired with either the Morse Code Necklace or the Colorful Tassel Keychain. Both products are customizable and completely user friendly. The joy of creating something at a Gild Collective workshop is not that everyone is an expert crafter, but that some are and some are not– meaning that all participants come together in unison to create their individual tokens from the event.


That being said, we want to make sure that the facilitator or facilitators feel fully equipped to provide broad instruction in addition to the instruction video and detailed books that all attendees will have access to throughout the workshop. That’s why we send the supplies well in advance so that facilitators have the chance to practice on their own with the video and books. If there are any additional questions we are happy to answer them in the 30 minute call, which can be done over video.


As always, we are here to answer any question you may have, especially about this new offering. We are especially excited to make our workshops more accessible to anyone who has had a barrier to bringing one to their organization thus far.

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