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(formally) Introducing Our New Workshop Projects

Over the past several weeks our wonderful intern Taylor has been highlighting the new additions to our workshop project offerings on Instagram, but we thought it might be time for a formal introduction. Our four new projects were designed with a diverse set of customers in mind, and a diverse set of circumstances. Our goal for these products was straightforward: We wanted to create offerings that were relatively gender neutral, accessible for all levels of ability, and most importantly, usable and practical.

In the survey we offered a few months ago, our users told us that practicality and usability was their key goal in making creative projects, and we listened. Now, I won’t pretend that these are elements that are vital to everyday life- they certainly are not. Like most pretty things, they are nonessential additions that aim to improve your overall mood and the quality of your surroundings. We even have one project that is designed to improve your overall mood and quality of your mental state.


Leather Catchall

Whether your workspace is clean or cluttered, it’s helpful to have a place for your smallest treasures to rest while you work. I am constantly removing my jewelry throughout the day if it starts to bother me, so I personally love the ability to place it in a hand-made, locally-sourced leather catchall tray that is as functional as it is beautiful.


Patterned Journal

Japanese bookbinding is an amazingly simple and ancient technique that has been used to craft journals like these for ages. We are so excited to have partnered with Jennifer Pace Duran, the creative genius behind Pace Creative Design Studio for our custom-designed journal patterns. We are offering two patterns in two color schemes each, and what’s even more exciting is that we can brand each option with the logo or phrase to match whatever company, organization, or conference we are working with to create these journals.


Mindfulness Modmala: In Partnership with Wild Sage Collective

As entrepreneurs, Kelsey and I are the first to admit how low on the list of priorities taking time to quiet and center our minds can fall in the daily chaos. We are so grateful to have partnered with Wild Sage Collective out of Columbus, Ohio to bring their Modmala experience to our workshops. With every bead added, participants will tie in an intention that will carry throughout their necklace. Later, these intentions can transform into a mindfulness mantra that will center and calm them as they take a small timeout from their busy days.


Colorful Leather Tassel Keychain

This colorful tassel keychain is our trendiest new friend by far, and we love it for just that reason. Completely customizable with endless combinations of color schemes, these practical and cute accessories are created using leather hand-dyed in the United States. Imagine these created in your organization’s colors, or getting to select our own mix on the day of your workshop. Every time you reach for your keys (AKA every day), you’ll think of the important discussion and learnings from our event.

So, go ahead- head on over to our site and check out these new beauties alongside our old and familiar favorites (which aren’t going anywhere, by the way). While you’re there, see what some of our clients have to say about our workshops (we have some for workplace and for campus). And don’t forget to drop us a line so that we can get you making one of these new projects ASAP!


As always, we partnered with the amazing and talented Abbie Kinnett, the founder and multi-faceted creative genius behind Okota for our photography. Thanks, Abbie!