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Hi, Ambassador!

Welcome to the hub of all things resources to make your job as a Gild Ambassador as simple as possible. This page will take you to all of the documents and forms you need. If you have any trouble or can't access a file, reach out to It's great to have you on board!

Ambassador Overview One-Pager  |  Ambassador Welcome Packet


Booth events range from 50-125 points based on event duration.
Instruction events earn 60 points per event.

Event Planning & Setup

  • Event Guidelines
  • Event Request Form: Please use this form if you have found an event at which you would like to run a booth or provide instruction.
  • Mandatory Event Checklist: Begin following the items on this check list once you make contact with a potential event opportunity.
  • Ambassador Partnerships - Events: Cross-reference this list before reaching out to potential event organizations to ensure that other ambassadors haven't begun a relationship. Add your contacts here as you go.
  • Purchase Approval Request Form: Please use this form if you have a need to purchase something for a Gild-related event or partnership that has not been previously approved or paid by the Home Studio.
  • Event Ideas: If you're struggling to come up with event ideas, check out this running list of suggestions. You can add to it as well!

PR & Blogger Outreach

Earn 10-30 points per blogger, PR, or social mention.

Event Templates

  • Booth Event Inquiry Email: Typically, booth events have a registration page that you can apply to host a booth at their event. If you can’t find one, here is a quick email that can help you get the process started if you see an upcoming event that would be a great outreach opportunity for Gild!
  • Instruction Event Inquiry Email: Once you identify a potential organization to partner with for an instruction event, you can use this email to reach out to the main contact to begin coordinating the event.
  • Event Sign Up Form: COMING SOON! Print this form to encourage event attendees to provide their name and email address. To 'turn in' inquiries, create a Google sheet and share it with

Outreach Email Templates

  • Initial Outreach Email: This email template includes tips on how to do your 'research' on a blogger and write an introductory email that will entice a blogger to work with you!
  • Sample Outreach Email Copy: We have copied some of our own sample emails here that we have used to describe Gild to someone that may be valuable in spreading our message.
  • How Gild Works Email Explanation: This detailed explanation of Gild can be passed along to bloggers to help them understand the typical process for a Gild party.

Outreach Basics

Social Media

Earn 2-10 points per personal social post.

Party Referrals

Earn 20 points per booking.

  • Potential Hostess Email Template: This email is a great way to follow up with someone that you had a conversation about Gild with and want to send more information to!
  • Party Setup Form: If you have a hostess ready to book a party, use this form to book it for them and include your name in the "How did you hear about Gild?" field in order to receive points for your referral.

Other / Admin

Haven't found what you need up there ^^? Here are quick links to some of our admin forms.

  • W9 Form: You will need to fill this out so we can set you up in our payment system, Gusto.
  • Monthly Freeze Request Form: If you ever need to take a month off from collecting points and payment, you can request it here.