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Ambassador Event Request

Please use this form if you have found an event at which you would like to run a booth or provide instruction. We'll review and provide approval within 24 hours.

Name *
Are you booking a Booth Event or Instruction Event? *
Please email if you need assistance determining which category to choose.
If booking a booth event, this is the event name and hosting organization. If you are booking an instruction event, this is the organization you are partnering with for the event. If you are hosting without an organization, put "hosting myself."
If you would prefer to pay this yourself and be reimbursed, please indicate that here and save all receipts and documentation.
Will you need to check out any of the following for the event?
For booth events, how many are expected at the event in total? For instruction events, what is the cap for attendees doing the project?
Demographic, specific group, etc.
Awareness, sales, partnership, etc.