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It’s a language that’s universal, but takes focus to appreciate and understand—

an idea that couldn’t be more on-theme for your workplace workshop. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a meaningful excerpt, an important location or a set of initials, Morse Code will convey your message with artistry and deeper meaning. 

Wear your Morse Code Necklace every day of the week, or save it for special days when you have a major meeting or big-time interview on the books. These delicate pieces also act as chic conversation-starters. (We highly recommend sporting it at your next networking event.)

Opt for gold beads, silver beads—or a mix of both—and create a sophisticated piece with a story. Best of all? After your workshop, each of you walks away with a piece that speaks the same language.

Works well with the Fostering Mentorships and Relationships workshop.